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To make a payment through our website, just use the "Add Item to Cart" button to add that fee to your shopping cart. You will then be prompted to enter your contact information and credit card or debit card number on our secure server. No shipping charges or tax is applied to fee payment. If you have questions, contact Maureen Morrison at 


If you would prefer to mail a check before the camp, you can send it to: 

Crossmen Productions, Inc.
PO Box 591940
San Antonio, TX 78259 
The registration fee MUST be paid in full (1-2 days processing) before you will receive audition materials. All fees are non-refundable.
2019 Drum Corps Annual Registration Fee
If you are attending a Crossmen Drum Corps camp for the first time during this 2019 season, you are required to pay the one-time annual registration fee in addition to the camp fee. 

The full weekend fees increase to $110 on November 1st. 

US$100.00 ex Tax  


Drum Major eXperience Camp
This is the Drum Major eXperience Camp fee.  Please note the fee will increase to $110 after January 18th, 2019.  Please Note - if you have auditioned as a member of the Crossmen for another instrument and have already paid the annual registration fee you do not need to purchase the annual registration fee again.  If this is your first camp, you must purchase the 2019 annual registration fee before purchasing the camp fee. 

US$100.00 ex Tax  


Crossmen Drum Corps - December Call Back Camp
This fee will increase to $110 on December 10th 

US$110.00 ex Tax  


Video Audition
This fee is for those who have already paid the annual registration fee and have been approved to submit a video audition by a Crossmen Drum Corps caption head. 

US$75.00 ex Tax  


2019 Crossmen Drum Corps Tuition Payments
Online Membership Fee payment center.

Membership/fee payments online will be billed to your card/checking account and credited to your account. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Maureen Morrison that confirms your payment.

Contract Deposit
US$400.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

January 11th Payment
US$380.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

February 11th Payment
US$780.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

March 11th Payment
US$780.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

April 11th Payment
US$780.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

May 11th Payment
US$780.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

Custom Payment Option
US$1.00 ex Tax   Quantity:   

2019 Early Bird Tuition Fee
Due 2/28/19

Early Bird Tuition Fee is accepted after the Contract Deposit and the January & February tuition payments have been paid and processed. 

US$2,140.00 ex Tax  


Crossmen Drum Corps Raffle Ticket Payment

US$300.00 ex Tax  


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