Alma Gitana Crossmen 40thTour- Day 1

End of Spring Training and First Day of Tour 2014

It is finally here! Crossmen's 40th DCI Tour gets underway today. We are meeting up with our second driver tomorrow so I am in the equipment tractor today. It is fun to drive the big rig to start the tour. I grabbed a couple hours of extra sleep this morning before heading to Blossom with all of my gear for the road knowing that today would be a long one. Maureen, Amy and I grab a bite of lunch and loaded my stuff in the RV. Maureen and Amy are going to meet us in Southlake for the Toll Brothers Southlake in the Square Father's Day event on Sunday.Our program coordinator, Ed Devlin has already departed for a few days at home. We hosted a great show last night with a couple thousand fans that got to see the debut of "Alma Gitana". Ed and the designers have put together a wonderful show for our 40th. I think that the crowds are going to love it this summer.

The second annual "Run Your Brass Off" has been completed. The corps ran the one mile race along with the Crossmen supporters and elite runners that were vying for the medals in their categories

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